Walnut Alphabet on Denim – Abstract Expressionist Calligraphy Painting, 4×6



Watercolor ground, watercolor, ink on canvas


4″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″

Creation Notes:

Ah, this is where painting on “gallery-wrap” canvas starts to get really interesting: the sides of the canvas get to be part of the art!

I’ve always been drawn to dimension. The first medium I fell in love with was papercutting, and I think part of the reason I did was because of the dimension, the shadows, the fact that we think of paper as flat, but it actually has a thickness to it, which papercutting reveals and revels in.

Many artists paint the sides of their canvas with solid black. It sure saves a lot of time, and it can look nice, too, but it ignores the potential of the sides to be part of the artwork. I like to have fun with those sides!

I love the thought of someone first encountering the art straight on, and only later discovering what’s on the sides, like a hidden treasure, or the prize inside a Cracker Jack box.

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This mixed media artwork is lightly varnished with matte spray varnish. For optimal longevity, framing is recommended. or simply hang it as-is, and allow it to age, as all things do, slowly and gradually over time.