Toss – Abstract Daily Painting 6″ x 6″


The first performance I can remember was in kindergarten, when the whole class took over the multi-purpose room one afternoon to put on a circus for an audience of parents and older kids.

We rehearsed it for weeks. Deanne was the ringmaster. Andrea, Laura and Mandy were ponies. Brian was an acrobat. Jill a lion-tamer and Scott the lion.

In one of our rehearsals, Carla and I improvised a clown scene in which we kept stealing a lollipop from each other, which Mrs. Chong liked so much that she bought us an enormous lollipop to use in the show. I think the lollipop part was as big as my head.

Some of us played two roles, though, and in addition to being a lollipop-stealing clown, I was one of a rookery of seals (read: maybe three, total). We painted cardboard masks and taped a red balloon to the “nose” — our balancing ball.

We had it easier than real seals, because our ball never fell down. It also wasn’t round, but I guess it was close enough to get the point across.

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6" x 6"


Acid-Free Canvas Panel


Daniel Smith watercolor ground, Ziller Glossy Black ink, watercolor


Varnished with UV-protective MSA varnish, matte finish.


Unframed canvas board painting is mounted on a 3/8" thick block, with pre-drilled hanging holes, ready for hanging. The face of the painting will extend about 1/2" away from the wall when hung.