Squiggle – Abstract Expressionist Painting, 5×5



Acrylic & water soluble graphite on canvas


5″ x 5″ x 1 1/2″

Creation Notes:

Painting is, for me, an attempt to answer a question that cannot be answered in any other way. The question usually starts with, “What would happen if…” and I pull out my paints to discover the answer.

People often come to me when they’re stuck. “How do I find my voice?” they ask. “I have no idea what I even want to do,” they say, “where do I start?” The possibilities are too wide open to even see the “what if…?” question lying in wait.

The secret is just to start. Start anywhere — it really doesn’t matter where. Just do something.

Intellectualizing will get you nowhere but frustrated, but if you do something, you’ll find questions bubbling up without even looking for them. I made a small painting that borrowed elements from a large painting I’d seen that I couldn’t stop thinking about: a striped bar, an irregular spiral, a background in layers of beiges and browns, white X’s, black edges feathering over onto the face of the canvas.

The process of making that painting made me curious how else I might combine those elements, which led to four more paintings in a similar style, of which this one was the first.

My advice to myself, and anyone interested, is to create in a series until your curiosity for that particular question has been sated. In the process, you may very well find that the question has morphed into a new one, but if it hasn’t, just start anywhere again until it does.

Lather, rinse, repeat.

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This abstract expressionist painting on canvas will be varnished with a gloss finish, which really makes the colors pop. If you would prefer satin or matte, please let me know. Please allow 2 weeks for varnishing and curing.