Hook – Abstract Expressionist Painting, 5×5



Acrylic & water soluble graphite on canvas


5″ x 5″ x 1 1/2″

Creation Notes:

This is the fourth in my series, inspired by a painting I saw at the local spa and bath house. Where did the ideas come from? Honestly, all I was consciously thinking was shapes. Only afterwards does a mysterious meaning start to emerge.

I wasn’t thinking about cats when I painted, but when I look at this piece now I’m reminded of the striped cat I had as a child, and how he loved to play with yarn. I’d lie on my tummy on my bed, dangling a piece of yarn, letting it drag along the carpet, waiting in gleeful anticipation for a yellow paw to strike from behind the bedskirt.

Fishing for felines was one of my favorite hobbies back then.

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This abstract expressionist painting on canvas will be varnished with a gloss finish, which really makes the colors pop. If you would prefer satin or matte, please let me know. Please allow 2 weeks for varnishing and curing.