Denim Alphabet – Abstract Expressionist Painting, 4×6



Watercolor ground, watercolor, ink on canvas


4″ x 6″ x 1 1/2″

Creation Notes:

When I discovered Daniel Smith’s watercolor ground, I knew I had to try it! At last, a primer that would allow me to use the water media I was used to working with on paper, but on other, non-water-media-friendly surfaces!

This piece was one of my first efforts, playing with tools and tropes I knew and loved: Automatic pens and calligraphic letters, in particular, a hand I developed inspired by the Neuland typeface designed by Rudolf Koch in 1923.

Lettering on primed canvas is different from lettering on paper. The texture slows the pen down, and the colors dry more muted than they do on watercolor paper. The end effect reminded me of a beloved pair of old, denim jeans.

Which makes me realize I’ve never actually lettered on denim! Hmmm…. Now I’m getting ideas! 😉

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This mixed media artwork is lightly varnished with matte spray varnish. For optimal longevity, framing is recommended. or simply hang it as-is, and allow it to age, as all things do, slowly and gradually over time.