Curiosity 2 – Abstract Daily Painting 6″ x 6″


All the cats I’ve had as an adult have been skittish things, until Nika.

Before driving to the house where I would meet her for the first time as a kitten, I remember a conversation on the phone with her “mom.” There were four kittens left from the litter, she said, two of whom would hide under the nearest piece of furniture if she dropped a pan on the floor.

Nika and her brother, on the other hand, bolted right over to see what had happened.

That’s my extroverted kitty to this day — her curiosity is much stronger than her fear.

I can learn a lot from my cat!

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6" x 6"


Gallery Wrap Canvas


Daniel Smith watercolor ground, Ziller Glossy Black ink, watercolor


Varnished with UV-protective MSA varnish, matte finish.


Gallery wrap canvas with painted sides, not meant to be framed. Ready to hang!


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