Coffee Should Be Black As Hell – Calligraphy Painting, 4×5



Walnut ink, watercolor ground on canvas


4″ x 5″ x 1 1/2″

Creation Notes:

In my twenties, I was treated by a homeopath while on the quest for the miracle cure for a dance injury. No coffee allowed, because coffee (although funnily enough, not caffeine) antidotes homeopathy. (This was especially ironic at the time, because my first husband owned the highest volume espresso cafe west of the Mississippi! I could have had as much coffee as I wanted, anytime I wanted, for free!)

Then several years ago I read a book, The Migraine Brain, by Carolyn Bernstein, while on the quest for the miracle cure for my migraines. There’s a lot of controversy about the benefits vs. negative consequences of coffee, but Bernstein is a big believer in finding out what works for you.

So I tried coffee. And for years it became my migraine drug of choice. I pretty much only drank it when I felt a migraine coming on, but it was probably as effective as any pills, and a lot tastier.

It was during this coffee oasis that I created this piece, with words from a Turkish saying, and I must say I quite agree with it.

Then just last year, while on the quest for the miracle cure for the mysterious fatigue that was plaguing me and getting worse, I read another book, Adrenal Fatigue, by Dr. James Wilson, and once again cut coffee out completely.

Thankfully, I’d never gotten really addicted to it, but I do sometimes miss it… (And if I didn’t also have to cut out milk, due to a food sensitivity, I’d still eat coffee ice cream!)

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This mixed media artwork is lightly varnished with matte spray varnish. For optimal longevity, framing is recommended. or simply hang it as-is, and allow it to age, as all things do, slowly and gradually over time. If you’d like a more thorough varnishing, just let me know, allow 2 weeks for drying and curing, and please let me know if you prefer a gloss, satin, or matte finish.