Breakthrough – Abstract Mixed-Media Painting, 5×5



Mixed media on canvas (crackle paste, acrylic, collage)


5″ x 5″ x 1 1/2″

Creation Notes:

We live in a broken world that often feels cold and inhumane. We often feel cold and broken ourselves, but it is in our very brokenness that our greatest strength and beauty reside. Say yes to your broken parts, yes to the beauty in your flaws, yes to the world, yes, yes, yes!

Note: this painting makes a great diptych with its sister painting, Icebreaker. Buy them both together and hang them like this:

Icebreaker - Breakthrough - mixed-media diptych


“I really love these two pieces. For me, they represent that feeling I have in the center of my chest when I’m on the verge of discovery in my art. It’s that breakthrough moment after spending hours or days on a piece that you’re not so sure about because it’s not “perfect” only to realize it really is.”

-Jessica Hubbard


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This mixed media artwork will be varnished with a protective gloss varnish prior to shipping. Please allow 2 weeks for drying and curing.