Blue Yes – Abstract Calligraphy Painting, 4×4



Ink and watercolor on canvas


4″ x 4″ x 3/4″

Creation Notes:

When I go to an art workshop or retreat, the temptation is strong to bring the entire contents of my studio with me. I find I’m often happier with the results, however, when I restrain myself.

When my tools and materials are limited, I’m forced to make do with what I’ve got in front of me (that, or rely on the kindness of my fellow participants!), which often leads to more creative exploration.

This is one of the things that emerged from a retreat at which I only used watercolor ground, Ziller blue ink, walnut ink, and an assortment of metal calligraphy pens. You’ll notice I even limited my vocabulary!

All hail limits!

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This mixed media artwork is lightly varnished with matte spray varnish. For optimal longevity, framing is recommended. or simply hang it as-is, and allow it to age, as all things do, slowly and gradually over time.